Fundraising Tips

Ask Everyone

Ask for donations from all the people you have supported for various charitable events in the past.

In addition to friends, family, co-workers and neighbors, seek out restaurants, hair dressers, other businesses you visit, your doctor, dentist, etc. for donations.

Asking for specific amounts works better than a vague request for "a contribution". Gauge your audience... even those who have less to give will give something if it sounds reasonable.

Give tangible examples for how much your donors are giving. For example, ask a donor to "Give up one nice dinner out on the town and donate $20" or "Give up going out to see one movie, donate $10".

Sponsor Yourself

Get your own name on the donor honor roll! Don't forget to sponsor yourself!

Use your Participant Center

From your online Participant Center, you can:

  • Customize your personal fundraising page with a story and photo
  • Send fundraising and recruitment emails (there are pre-written templates that you can use)
  • Track your progress
  • Share your page on social media using the share tools
  • Edit your username, password, and fundraising goal

Ask Your Supporters to Participate in a Matching Gift Program

Many of your donors may work for companies that offer a matching gift program — their donation could double simply by filling out a form from their Human Resources department and following the steps to submit a matching gift.

Ask for a Birthday Donation

In lieu of a gift for your birthday, ask your friends and family for a donation.

Tribute Donations

Encourage your donors to make their donations in “honor”, “support”, or “in memory” of someone they know who has been affected by cancer. This is a great way to let them feel very much a part of your experience.